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    Moderator Application Format and Requirements



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    Moderator Application Format and Requirements

    Post by DeaD on Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:37 pm

    The Requirements of a Staff are given below:

    -Must have 2000+ Scores
    -1 week activity
    -Must have Patience
    -Not have been banned from the server
    -If u get three -1 Your application will be auto denied

    -NOTE- Only Level 3 admins can post on your application
    -NOTE- If you have any trouble contact iSuperMan

    The Rules of a Staff Player are given below:

    -WARNING- If you do not use the following format. Your application will be denied automatically.
    -WARNING- If you get your rank. Be aware that we might question and test you anytime.
    -WARNING- Don't use improper titles. E.G Make me admin, I'm the best admin ever.

    The Format of Application is given below:

    [b]-Your In-Game name:[/b]

    [b]-How long have you played SAMP?:[/b]

    [b]-How long have you played on our server?:[/b]

    [b]-Picture of your stats:[/b]

    [b]-Have you been a operator/admin in another server?:[/b]

    [b]-Have you broken any of our server rules?:[/b]

    [b]-Have you been banned from over server(s)?:[/b]

    [b]-How active are you?:[/b]

    [b]-What languages do you speak/know?:[/b]

    [b]-Rate your English 0-10:[/b]

    [b]-Rate your work skills(What hacks the hacker is using and so on) 0-10:[/b]

    [b]-Pic of your stats:[/b]

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